A description of Takeshima

Nakai Yozaburo included an explanation of his motives along with his request for the Japanese Government to incorporate Takeshima. (see entries “September 29, 1904” of “1. Sovereignty-Law and History” above.) Nakai’s explanation argues that the motive for his request to lease Takeshima “Is not to monopolize interests in Takeshima, but to permanently protect these interests. In order to do so, Japan must protect the sea lion population by implementing catch limits. Moreover, facilities need to be constructed on the islets so operators can properly produce goods from their catches.” (Ref.1)

Specific examples of Nakai’s proposals include a ban on hunting sea lions other than males over 240cm in length, as well as capping the number of sea lions hunted within a single season at 500 head. Nakai’s explanation is detailed featuring various figures as well as explanations regarding the catch limit. (Ref.1)

Ref. 1: “’Lyanko’-To Ryodo Hennyu Narabini Kashisage Negai Setsumeisho (9.29.1904)” (Explanation for the Request to Incorporate into Japanese Territory and to Lease the ‘Lyanko’ Islands (September 29, 1904)) Takeshima (Shimane Prefecture Public Records Center)

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