The last instance of exercising fishing rights near Takeshima before being interrupted

The last instance that people of Oki Islands exercised their fishing rights around Takeshima was on May 3 of 1954, before being interrupted by the illegal occupation by Korea. 11 members from the Kumi Fisheries Co-operative exercised fishing rights around Takeshima with the cooperation of the Shimane Prefectural Government and escorted by a Japanese Coast Guard patrol ship. Journal entries penned by Kumi Fishery Cooperative President Wakita Satoshi are still on record today.

These journal entries indicate that the fisherman departed Kumi on May 1 with an island wind at their back before arriving at Beppu Port. In Beppu they rendezvoused with a Japan Coast Guard escort and prepared to voyage to Takeshima but were held up by inclement weather. After waiting out the weather, they departed Beppu on the evening of May 2.

At around 10:00AM on May 3 the party arrived at Takeshima and dropped anchor between the Eastern and Western islets. The crew split up into three smaller craft and began fishing at their respective locations, collecting wakame. The ships departed Takeshima a little after 2:00PM due to deteriorating weather conditions, arriving back at port during the afternoon of May 4.

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