3. Surrounding waters and meteorology

The ocean floor surrounding Takeshima

Takeshima has a precipitous geology and is located in the north-eastern portion of the Tsushima Basin, which boasts depths up to 2000-2500m. The Oki Kairetsu is an undersea trench that lies between Takeshima and Utsuryo Island. Pronounced underwater features, the Meiyo Bank (the depth of this feature’s apex is 159m) and the Shunyo Bank (the depth of this feature’s apex is 137m), lie to the east and extend to a geological spur extending from the north of the Oki Islands. (Ref.1)




Ref. 1: “Nihon Kinkai Kaitei Chikeizu Dai 1” (Bathymetric Chart of the Neighboring Waters of Japan, No. 1) March 23, 2007, Japan Coast Guard

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