Integrated Coastal Management (ICM)

Shima City, Mie Prefecture


Shima City and OPRI collaboratively convened the "Shima City Study Group for ICM." In the meetings, the participants discussed the challenges in achieving ICM and ways to organize the Shima City Satoumi Promotion Council. Through this, as part of the second phase of the investigative study, we are supporting Shima City to smoothly implement the initiatives and establish the project as an independent activity.


Shima City established the "Shima City Satoumi Creation Basic Plan (Basic Plan for ICM of Shima City)" in March 2012. In August of the same year, it established the "Shima City Satoumi Promotion Council" and convened a total of 10 meetings by January 2014. In order to support smooth implementation of ICM and establish independent actions, we also hold study meetings in collaboration with Shima City.


Shima City and OPRI have been collaboratively convening the "Shima City Study Group for ICM" since 2010 to discuss challenges in implementing ICM and explore ways to process the Shima City Satoumi Promotion Council. The details of the meetings and key agenda are as follows.

Activities in the model sites