Author - Toru Ito


Toru Ito

Department of International Relations & Graduate School of Security Studies,
National Defense Academy of Japan

Toru Ito

International Relations in South Asia

Toru Ito has been teaching at the National Defense Academy (NDA) since 2009 after serving a researcher at the Embassy of Japan in New Delhi and Associate Professor at Shimane University. He is an expert on security and international relations in South Asia, with a focus on Indian foreign policy. He finished his doctoral course in political science at Chuo University in Tokyo.

His recent English-language works include “Modi’s Principle and Reality of ‘SAGAR’ in the Indo-Pacific Region,” NDA Global Security Seminar Series No.4 (March 2020) and “The ‘Modi diplomacy’ in the History of Indian Diplomacy: Departure from or maintenance of the traditional diplomacy?” Security Studies Vol.01, No.2 (April 2019).