Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) Education

Online Lesson Trials on Integrated Coastal Management Education by the Open University of Japan

Objectives of Online Lesson Trials

The Open University of Japan is seeking to expand to online lessons in addition to broadcasting. By going online, new lessons beyond the confines of the broadcast slots will be available. This in turn creates advantages for the students as it offers a wider selection. For this purpose, newly introduced technologies and the effects of the trial lessons of Integrated Coastal Management need to be investigated. These online, trial ICM lesson programs were provided by the Open University of Japan with actual distributions and actual participants in FY 2014.

The online lessons of Integrated Coastal Management Education being provided by the Open University will also benefit other universities which have difficulties in finding professors/tutors to give ICM lessons, by making use of the systems of online lectures and interchangeable credits. Thus, by facilitating the adoption of the envisaged new curricula, it is hoped that the introduction of education on Integrated Coastal Management will be further encouraged.

Lesson Model

A total of two lectures, one per week, is currently planned. Each slot will roughly consist of 3 x 15 min. sections to distribute one online lecture (timing can be highly flexible: Moodle system is earmarked); tests to assess comprehension levels are planned after each lecture.

1. General discussion: what is Comprehensive Ocean Management?
Individual discussions: practical examples of Integrated Management in Japan
  • Opening Remarks
  • General discussion on management, relationship between humans and the ocean
  • Mini-quiz: comprehension check of management concepts
  • Historical development of ocean management; from individual management to Integrated Coastal/Ocean Management
2. Development of Integrated Management in Japan
  • Developments of integrated management since the enactment of the Basic Act on Ocean Policy
  • 3 typical patterns of Integrated Coastal Management: integrated management led by the heads of local governments; integrated management led by public domain administrators; integrated management led by non-powering entities such as citizens
  • Trend of new legislation on EEZ and Continental Shelf
  • Summary
  • Discussion

Actions by Universities and Local Governments