Marine Environmental Protection

Research and Countermeasures Regarding Global Warming and Ocean Acidification

Background and Purpose

Global warming and ocean acidification cause serious problems that require an urgent response. Although scientific research has progressed in this region, there is not enough investigation for tangible measures by which Japan and the international community can adapt to or mitigate these problems. Hence, this research was initiated to construct the "Marine Crisis Watch" (provisional name) research platform. Its purpose is to monitor-- focusing on the North Western Pacific region near Japan--the coming marine crisis and predict its progress, and to share corresponding data and engage with the international community and other stakeholders in discussion of necessary adaptive and mitigating measures.


In FY2015, a survey was conducted on relevant research trends in Japan and other countries. Detailed research planning is also underway for the coming years, along with outline design of the research platform. Based on the findings and outcomes from these activities, full research activities are planned for FY2016 onward.