About OPRI

Dissemination of information relating to the oceans

Problems involving ocean space are closely interrelated, and need to be considered as a whole. In order to pursue an integrated ocean policy, it is essential─in addition to preparing opportunities for engaging in cross-sectoral and comprehensive discussion─to provide information on ocean related issues, the latest documents, data, and trends, etc., to a wide audience in an accessible manner. Before its reorganization into OPRI, OPRF provided cross-sectoral, comprehensive information from the viewpoint of both natural and social science as a means of increasing interest in ocean related issues, not only among ocean experts, but also among the public at large. In this manner, the foundation has facilitated formulation of ocean policy.

2000Launch of Ship & Ocean Newsletter (semi-monthly publication)
2002First Ocean Forum, constituting the first of 10 annual forums featuring current topics
2003Launch of Selected Papers from Ship & Ocean Newsletter, an English language publication featuring translations of major opinions from Nos. 1-20 of the ocean newsletter (similar English digest versions have subsequently been published for each succeeding group of 20 newsletters)
2004Launch of Ocean White Paper, thereafter published annually
Launch of 150 People's Opinions, which published opinions from Ocean Newsletter Nos. 1-50 classified by topic (issues have subsequently been compiled and published for each succeeding group of 50 newsletters)
2013Ship & Ocean Newsletter renamed as Ocean Newsletter

Initiatives on Ocean Policy