Author - Jun Osawa


Jun Osawa

Senior Fellow, Sasakawa Peace Foundation

Jun Osawa

International Politics (Strategic Assessment, National Cyber Security), Public Policy

Jun Osawa is a Senior Fellow at Sasakawa Peace Foundation. He is also Senior Research Fellow at Nakasone Peace Institute (since 2017), Director of the Office of Cyber Domain Awareness at the IT security Center of the Information-Technology Promotion Agency (since 2023), a board member of Kajima Peace Institute (since 2018), and Adjunct Research Fellow at Sasakawa Peace Foundation (since 2018). His research interests include national cybersecurity, strategic assessment, and North-East Asian international security. He joined NPI/IIPS in 1995 as a research fellow before becoming a senior research fellow in 2009 (until 2014, and since 2017). His previous positions include: Senior Fellow (2017–19) and Deputy Cabinet Counsellor (2014–16) at the National Security Secretariat (NSS); Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Institution (2013); Visiting Scholar at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (2011–16); Policy Planning Researcher and Advisor, Policy Planning Division, Foreign Policy Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) (2007–9); Analyst, Second Division, Intelligence and Analysis Service, MFA (2004–6). He received his BA from Keio University in 1994 and an MA from Keio University in 1996.

List of Recent Publications
“How Japan Is Modernizing Its Cybersecurity Policy”, Stimson Commentary (February 2023).
“How Japan Defines Economic Security”, Wilson Center, US-Japan Economic Security Policy Implications, (July 2023).
“Democratic Elections Under Challenge in Digital Age -How to Confront Social Divisions and Disinformation,” NPI Commentary, (February 2024).
“Direction of Japan’s New Cybersecurity Policy”, Asia-Pacific Review, Vol. 30, No. 3 (March 2024).