Author - Susumu Nakamura


Susumu Nakamura

Senior Researcher of Keio Research Institute at SFC

Susumu Nakamura

Security law (domestic and international), policy and strategy

Nakamura withdrew from the doctoral program at the Graduate School of International Social Sciences at Yokohama National University after completing the coursework. He joined the Maritime Self-Defense Force in 1974, and, after serving in the Fleet Air Force, joined the JMSDF Command and Staff College in 1992. He retired in March 2008 after concurrently serving as the head of the Research Office and the Legal Office at the Maritime Staff Office, after which he was reappointed as senior research and development officer at the Command and Staff College. He retired at the end of his reappointed term in March 2017 (rear admiral). During his tenure, he also was a part-time lecturer at the Faculty of Liberal Arts at Saitama University and the Faculty of Policy Management at Keio University. He has held his current position since October 2017. He is also a visiting senior fellow at the Global Research Institute at Keio University. His works include, A Study of the U.S. Pacific Command (co-author, 2018, Chikura Publishing Company), "Domestic Responses to Personal Protection Legislation in Contingency-Related Treaties and Its Problems," Jurist, No. 1229 (co-authored), and “Dispute about maritime law between U.S. and China,” Collection of Treatises for 2017 International Symposium on Military Education (Ministry of National Defense, Republic of China), and more.