Author - Taisuke Abiru


Taisuke Abiru

Senior Research Fellow, Sasakawa Peace Foundation

Taisuke Abiru

Expertise: Russia’s foreign and security policy and Eurasian geopolitics

Born in 1969. He earned his M.A. at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. He joined SPF in September 2019 after his work at the Moscow office of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation and the Tokyo Foundation.

His publications include Book about Today’s Russia [in Japanese] (Mikasa Publishing, 2008), and Nuclear Power Station and Rare Earth [co-authored with Mitsuru Hiranuma, in Japanese] (Nikkei Business Publications, 2011). He also supervised the Japanese translation of Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin [written by Fiona Hill and Clifford G. Gaddy, in English] (Brookings Institution, 2012), which was published in Japanese as Putin’s World (Shinchosha, 2016).