Author - Ryota Saito


Ryota Saito

Sasakawa Peace Foundation
Research fellow

Ryota Saito

Central Asian regional studies (Especially: International Relationships, Development, Water resource management)

Dr. Ryota Saito is a Research Fellow of Sasakawa Peace Foundation, an independent policy research organization in Tokyo, Japan. He received a Ph.D from the Graduate School of humanities and social sciences of University of Tsukuba in 2018 March, and from 2016 April to 2018 May his research project was granted by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (or Gakushin, research fellow DC2). From 2018 May to 2020 September he served at the embassy of Japan in Kyrgyz republic as an attaché (Department of political, economic and development affairs). He was awarded by Akino Yutaka Eurasia Foundation in 2013 (15th Akino Yutaka award), and spent more than three years in Uzbekistan as an exchange student, visiting fellow or internship.
His published papers (except for IINA) include "Empirical Study of Central Asian Interstate Disputes over the Water Resource Issue: An Analysis of ICWC Bulletins", Area Studies Tsukuba 35, pp. 163-182, 2014.
"Sustainable Water Management in Central Asia and the Role of Foreign Donors", Journal of Arid Land Studies 25-3、日本沙漠学会, pp.137~140, 2015.
"Incident in Kazakhstan in January 2022: From perspective of International Relations", IDE square, JETRO-Institute of Developing Economics, April 2022.
"Central Asia Countries in the Time of Ukrainian War: Tightrope Walking on the Edge of Zone of Russia’s Influence", IDE square, JETRO-Institute of Developing Economics, July 2022.
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