Author - Kazuko Kojima


Kazuko Kojima

Professor, Keio University

Kazuko Kojima

Contemporary Chinese Studies

KOJIMA, Kazuko (Dr. of Law) is Professor of Faculty in Law and Chair of Center for Contemporary Chinese Studies at Keio University. She spent several years as Visiting Scholar at the Japanese Embassy in Beijing (1998-2000) and Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University (2015-2017). Before joining Keio University, she taught at University of Tsukuba (2002-2012). Her research interests focus on bureaucratic institutions and state-society relations in contemporary China. Her major work is Workers' Organization and Unification of the People in China: Central and Local Political Dynamics over Gonghui (Keio University Press, 2021, in Japanese). Her scholarly works in English include China’s Trade Unions: How Autonomous Are They? A Survey of 1,811 Enterprise Union Chairpersons (with Masaharu Hishida, Tomoaki Ishii, and Jian Qiao, Routledge, 2010), “The Corporatist System and Social Organizations in China,” (Management and Organization Review, Vol.8, Issue 3, November 2012, with Jae-Young Choe, Takafumi Ohtomo, and Yutaka Tsujinaka), “The Power Structure under the Leadership of Xi Jinping,” (Public Policy Review, Vol.11, No.1, Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance, Japan, March, 2015), and “Politics under Xi Jinping: Centralization and its Implications”, (Public Policy Review, Vol.16, No.3, Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance, Japan, September 2020).