TTX: Table Top Exercises

TTX are exercises on decision-making under a designated scenario.
They are considered an effective tool in identifying issues in policymaking and actions based on such policies since free thinking and discussion on policies and actions in response to certain events are possible in a low-stress environment. Therefore, it is widely employed by government offices, military organizations, crisis management agencies, think tanks, universities, and so forth for educational and training purposes for the assessment of policies and actions or for such areas as policymaking.

  • FY2020

    In FY2020, a TTX on “A Contingency in Taiwan Triggered by Cyberattacks” was conducted on Dec. 1-3.

  • FY2018

    In FY2018, an original scenario on a Taiwan contingency triggered by a massive disaster was created for TTX2019 conducted on March 6-7, 2019 for the purpose of examining the possible policy options and constraints for Japan and the U.S. in the event of a grey-zone contingency (a contingency short of actual armed conflict) between China and Taiwan, which China instigated as a prelude to its attempt to unify Taiwan by force. The outline of this scenario, the components of the TTX, and the findings and deliverables of the exercise were summarized in “The Table Top Exercise FY2018 Report: Challenges for a Japan-U.S. Combined Response to a Taiwan Crisis Triggered by a Large-Scale Disaster.”
    *Download report here.