Webinar Video Available (3/17/2022)
Dr. Jennifer Lind and Dr. Ryo Sahashi

A video of the webinar "GEOSTRATEGIC CHALLENGES FACING THE US & JAPAN IN 2022+″ hosted by Japan Society of New Orleans is available now.

Full seminar video provided by Japan Society of New Orleans

  In 2021-2022,  Sasakawa Peace Foundation is partnering with the National Association of Japan America Societies(NAJAS) to organize a public affairs program "Geostrategy in the Grassroots." This is a series of seminars hosted by local Japan-America Societies in the U.S. focusing on the geostrategic challenges Japan and the U.S. face in a changing Asia.
  A webinar was hosted by Japan Society of New Orleans on Thursday, March 17 at 8:30-10:00AM JST (Wednesday,March 16 at 6:30-8:00PM CDT).

[Event Information]
1. Date & Time:
Thursday, March 17,2022 at 8:30-10:00AM (Japan Time) / Wednesday, March 16,2022 at 6:30-8:00PM (U.S. Central Daylight Time)

2. Speakers:
Dr. Jennifer Lind (Associate Professor of Government at Dartmouth College)
Dr. Ryo Sahashi  (Associate Professor, International Relations Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia at the University of Tokyo)

3. Language:
English only

4. Hosted by: Japan Society of New Orleans 

[Geostrategy in the Grassroots 2021]
1. About the program

2. Webinar videos list
#1 Japan America Society of Southern California, "Geostrategic Opportunities in East Asia: Perspectives on the U.S.-Japan-China Trilateral Relations in Times of COVID-19" (February 11,2022)
Speakers: Dr. Sheila Smith and Dr. Akio Takahara

#2 The Japan Society Canada, "Geostrategic Outlook for Asia 2022″ (Feb 17,2022)
Speakers: Mr. James L. Schoff and Dr. Shino Watanabe

#3 Japan-America Society of Central Ohio, "Geostrategy in the Grassroots: COMMON STRATEGIC CHALLENGES FOR THEUNITED STATES & JAPAN" (Feb 18,2022)
Speakers: Amb. David Shea and Amb. Masafumi Ishii

#4 Japan-America Society of Southern Colorado, "A Discussion on Aerospace Security"(Feb 23,2022)
Speakers:Mr. Todd Harrison and Dr. Kazuto Suzuki

#5 Japan Society of New Orleans, "GEOSTRATEGIC CHALLENGES FACING THE US & JAPAN IN 2022+″(March 17,2022)
Speakers: Dr. Jennifer Lind and Dr. Ryo Sahashi

#6 The Japan-America Society of Georgia, "US-Japan Now: Geostrategic Impacts on a New World" (March 23,2022)
Speakers: Ms. Bonnie Glaser and Prof. Yasuhiro Matsuda

#7 The Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania, "A discussion on American and Japanese perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing the relationship moving forward" (March 23,2022)
Speakers: Dr. Zack Cooper and  Dr. Ken Jimbo

#8 Japan-America Society of Indiana,"Strategic Choices Facing Japan and The United States in an Increasingly Uncertain World" (3/30/2022)
Speakers: Dr. Richard Samuels and Dr. Narushige Michishita