Capacity Building for Young Researchers in Myanmar's Industrial Field

Project Outline
In Myanmar, there is a shortage of economics experts who can support the development of country's market economy. In an attempt to resolve this situation, SPF provides a grant to the Myanmar Economic & Management Institute to train experts in economic analysis working on macroeconomics, industry structure and economic surveys in Myanmar.
Implementation Plan
In the final year of the three-year project, the following activities will be carried out.
  • Research and surveys (Apr 2011-Feb-2012; Yangon, other locations in Myanmar)
    This year, six researchers will form three research/survey groups: (Group 1: Macroeconomic Analysis, Group 2: Primary Industry and Service Industry, Group 3: Manufacturing Industry). Each group will conduct research and surveys in their specified field with guidance from Minoru Kiryu, Ph.D./Professor, Osaka Sangyo University, Nobuyoshi Nishizawa/Professor, Kinki University, Myat Thein, former head of Yangon Institute of Economics, and others. In the first project year, data was collected and research themes were refined, while in the second year, interview surveys and questionnaire surveys were carried out. This year, the results of the surveys and research activities will be compiled into a final report.
  • Result reporting meeting (March, 2012, Yangon)
    At this meeting, the six above-mentioned researchers will present their results. The meeting will be open to the public, and participants will be recruited from Myanmarese economics researchers, industry circles, Japanese companies operating in Myanmar, international organizations and the like.
  • Activities to support researchers (outsourced to Myanmar Market Research and Development - MMRD)
    All relevant activities conducted in Myanmar will be outsourced to MMRD to ensure the project runs smoothly.
Project Content
Project Results

Implementing Agency Myanmar Economic & Management Institute (Japan) Year Implementation year(3/3)
Project Type Self OperatedGrantCommissionedOther Year project budget implementation 13,767,157yen