About SPAF

About SPAF

The Sasakawa Pan Asia Fund was established in 1992 within the Sasakawa Peace Foundation as an independent fund used exclusively for four countries: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. At the time of its establishment, the Fund was known as the "Sasakawa Southeast Asia Cooperation Fund," and worked to strengthen ties between Japan and the four countries, and offered training to assist the countries with transition and economic reform as they strove to gain membership of ASEAN.

In 2002, the Fund adopted its present title and expanded its scope to encompass South East, North East, South, and Central Asia. Since then, the Fund has amplified its efforts in people-to-people exchanges, human resource development, and policy-oriented research in response to the emerging frameworks of regional cooperation including ASEAN+3 and the East Asia Union.

The Fund has noted the drastic changes in relationships among Asian countries brought about by the increasing influence of China and India and the ever quickening pace of the globalization movement. Faced with these changes, some world-wide, others regional, Asia needs to nurture leaders who can take on the challenges that lie ahead in a variety of fields. It is also important to create opportunities for dialogue between these leaders. The Fund believes that these efforts will promote regional collaboration and further unification.


Promotion of further mutual understanding

This program aims to build a strong cooperative relationship between Japan and other Asian countries as a means to boost mutual understanding and create human networks. To this end, exchange programs will be carried out involving opinion leaders, the next generation of specialists and practitioners, journalists and others from Asian countries.

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Commitment to sustainable development

This program aims to promote intra-regional cooperation and build a better society by applying Japan's experience and know-how to social issues shared across Asia. Major social issues to be addressed include the environment, opportunities for education, natural disasters, population problems and gender. However, other problems facing Asia will be considered as part of Japan's contribution to the region.

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Contribution to regional stability

Under this program, surveys and research will be carried out, and policy proposals will be made to address security in Asia, with a particular focus on maritime security - an issue currently drawing much attention on the world stage. Moreover, Japan's foundations of international cooperation in the security field will be strengthened through exchanges with defence personnel from various critical regions.

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Our Address:
The Sasakawa Peace Foundation Bldg.
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