Training for Civil Servants in Myanmar

Training for Civil Servants in Myanmar
Project classification Self-Operated/Commissioned
Implementing Agency
The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
Program/Guidelines 3. Support to prioritized countries
3.1 Support to CLMV countries
Year FY2011
Year project budget
Implementation year 3/3
Project Outline
With the state regime of Myanmar going through a period of transition, this project aims to develop the capacity of Myanmarese middle and upper level civil servants.
Implementation Plan
In 2011, the final year of the project, the following activities will be carried out.
  • Capacity building workshop for Myanmarese civil servants (consigned to CSSTB)
    • Workshop in Myanmar (once a year for one week, Naypyidaw)
      A capacity building workshop will be held for 90 middle and upper level civil servants in Myanmar. Experts from around Asia will give lectures on the role of the public sector and human resource development.
    • Result sharing workshops (Jan-Feb, 2012)
      Workshops to share the results of training and study tours in Japan will be held for around 40 civil servants.
    • Dispatch of CSSTB staff members to the ASEAN Cooperation in Civil Service Matters (ACCSM) meeting (Apr, Oct, 3 persons/meeting)
    • Dispatch of CSSTB staff members to Japan
      Three CSSTB staff members will be dispatched to Japan to conduct preparatory coordination for the training and study tours.
    • TOT (Training of Trainers) Course (twice annually, in July and November)
      As a means to support the education of the next generation of civil servants, a course will be provided to raise the capacity of teachers working in relevant fields.
    • Creation of periodicals related to administrative service and preparation of workshop minutes
    • Training courses for the chair country of ACCSM
      Training in hosting international conferences will be provided for 50 CSSTB staff members.
  • Overseas study tours and training
    Civil servants will travel to Japan to take part in study tours and training and visit private companies and agencies specializing in civil servant training.
  • Liaison and coordination
    This work will be outsourced to a country coordinator in the interests of operating the project smoothly.
  • Project management (self-operated part)
    Monitoring and adjustment of the above activities will be carried out as necessary.
Project Content
Project Results

Implementing Agency The Sasakawa Peace Foundation Year Implementation year(3/3)
Project Type Self OperatedGrantCommissionedOther Year project budget implementation 21,701,172yen