Capacity Building for Cambodian Public Officials

Project contents
Since signing the 1991 peace agreement, Cambodia has been steadily moving towards a free and stable democracy. Yet many public servants in the central and regional administration lack the capacity to draft and implement policies; hence, in order to carry forward administrative reform, capacity enhancement will have to be made in this area. In this project, training will be provided for mid-career public servants working in administration and public servants active in government-related research in an effort to increase their capacity in policy making and thereby facilitate smooth financial and administrative operations in the Cambodia. The training will cover PCM (Project Cycle Management) methods and other themes relevant to real-life policy management.
Implementation Plan
In the first year of the three-year project, the following activities will be carried out.
  • Meetings of the committee for reviewing teaching materials (four times annually, Phnom Penh)
    The ten-member committee, which will be composed of individuals from Cambodia, including persons from the Council for Administrative Reform (CAR), and experts from Japan and Singapore, will discuss improvements to the current teaching materials, real-life case studies, and themes to be dealt with at workshops. The committee will also begin making preparations for the activities to be carried out in the final year of the project, namely, revisions to the public servant training textbook and creation of the case study materials.
  • Workshops (three times annually, Phnom Penh)
    Workshops will be held for around forty individuals, including mid-career public servants from CAR and teachers from institutions of higher education. The themes of the workshops will be (1) Policy formation and management via the PCM (Project Cycle Management) method, (2) Methods of introducing case studies using case study teaching materials, and (3) Stability in the Cambodian macroeconomy. Lecturing at the workshops will be experts in various areas from Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India and elsewhere.
  • Surveys and coordination (costs arising from the activities of the Secretariat)
    All necessary surveys and monitoring for the above activities will be carried out.
Project Results
Workshop in Phnom Penh

Workshop in Phnom Penh

This project provides mid-level civil servants in the Cambodian government opportunities for training in practical techniques related to public administration. This year, specialists from Japan and Singapore ran three workshops in Phnom Penh on project cycle management (PCM) techniques and other topics.

A total of 87 civil servants at the level of department or section manager in related government agencies took part. In addition, in collaboration with CAR, various issues related to public administration were identified and compiled into a collection of case studies.

Implementing Agency The Sasakawa Peace Foundation The Council for Administrative Reform: CAR (Cambodia) Year Implementation year(1/3)
Project Type Self OperatedGrantCommissionedOther Year project budget implementation 10,748,459yen