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Xiang Gao
Ocean Policy Research Institute
(Division of Ocean Policy Research)

Senior Research Fellow
Xiang Gao
Dr. Xiang Gao is a research fellow of the Ocean Policy Research Institute (OPRI), Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF). She received PhD in international public policy at Osaka University. Dr. Gao specializes in China’s ocean policy and Chinese foreign policy. Her recent research interests are in the area of ocean governance in East Asia, with a focus on the construction of a regional cooperation framework.


  • Ocean governance
  • China's maritime policy
  • regional oceans governance
  • integrated coastal management (ICM), and marine protected policy
Gao, Xiang, Keita Furukawa. 2019. "Construction of Regional Environmental Governance in Seas of East Asia", in Erdal Ӧzhan(eds.), Proceedings of the Fourteenth International MEDCOAST Congress on Coastal and Marine Sciences, Engineering, Management & Conservation (Marmaris, Turkey.), 45-56. (in English)
Gao, Xiang, Keita Furukawa. 2018 "The Chinese Ocean and Coastal Zone Policy: the Activities on Marine Protect Areas." Journal of Coastal Zone Studies, 30(4), 67-75. (in Japanese)
Makino, Mitsutaku, Masakazu Arima, Yuki Inoue, Tomoko Kakee, Xiang Gao, Chika Suzuki, Yasuhiro Tojo, Kazumi Wakita, Keisuke Watanabe, Yoshiyasu Watanabe, Hiroyuki Nakahara. 2017. "An Analysis of the Previous and Current Basic Plan on Ocean Policy and the Government Annual Report on Implemented Measures with regard to the Oceans: For the Review of the Basic Plan on Ocean Policy "Based on an Evaluation of the Effect of Measures with regard to the Oceans". Journal of Japan Society of Ocean Policy, 7, 23-41. (available in English and Japanese)
Gao, Xiang. 2015. "The Starting Point of China's Maritime Strategy: Mao Zedong's Maritime Strategic Theory." International Public Policy Studies, 19 (2), 55-63. (in Japanese)


Academic/Professional Background
Academic Society etc.
Japan Society of Ocean Policy
Japanese Association for Coastal Zone Studies
Professional Background
Apr. 2015- has worked for OPRI-SPF on projects including Ocean Governance, Japan-China Maritime Dialogue, Integrated coastal management and Arctic Governance.
Academic Background
Ph.D. in International Public Policy from Osaka University (2015)


Japanese, English, Mandarin

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