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Tomoya Akimichi
Ocean Policy Research Institute
(Division of Ocean Policy Research)

Senior Research Fellow
Tomoya Akimichi


  • Community-based marine resource management
  • the commons
  • territoriality
  • nawabari
  • eco-history
  • spirituality
  • ethno-network
AKIMICHI, Tomoya 2019. Human History of Tataki. Tamagawa University Publication Department. (in Japanese)
AKIMICHI, Tomoya 2017. The access rights to marine resources and the commons with reference to the marine protected areas. Japanese Society of Ocean Policy 7: 4-22 (in Japanese)
AKIMICHI, Tomoya 2017. Civilization of Fish and People’s Interrelations. Rinsen-Shoten. (in Japanese)
AKIMICHI, Tomoya 2016. Fishermen in the Coral Seas- Ecological Ethnography in the Ryukyu Islands. Youju-Shorin, (in Japanese)
AKIMICHI, Tomoya 2013. Living with the Ocean- People in a Changing World. University of Tokyo Press (in Japanese)
AKIMICHI, T. 2011. Changing Coastal Commons in a Sub-Tropical Island Ecosystem, Yaeyama Islands, Japan. In: Island Futures: Conservation and Development Across the Asia-Pacific Region. Global Environmental Studies. Springer, pp.125-137.
AKIMICHI, T. 2001 Species-oriented resource management and dialogue on reef fish conservation: a case study from small-scale fisheries in Yaeyama Islands, Southwestern Japan. J.R. MacGoodwin ed. Understanding the Cultures of Fishing Communities: A Key to Fisheries Management and Food Security., FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 401, pp.109-31.
MANTJORO, E. and T. AKIMICHI 1995. Sea Tenure and its Transformation in the Sangihe Islands of North Sulawesi, Indonesia: The Seke Purse-Seine Fishery. In T. Akimichi ed. Coastal Foragers in Transition. Senri Ethnological Studies 43. Osaka: National Museum of Ethnology.
Ruddle K and T. Akimichi eds. 1984. Maritime Institutions in the Western Pacific. Senri Ethnological Studies No.7. Osaka: National Museum of Ethnology.


Academic/Professional Background
Professional Background
Current Positions
Executive Senior Researcher, Ocean Policy Research Institute (OPRI)
Director-General, Yamanashi Prefectural Fujisan World heritage Center
Member of International COSMOS Prize Committee
Past positions
Deputy Director-General, Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, Japan
Editor-in Chief, Ocean NewsLetter
Academic Background
  • M.Sc.and D.Sc. Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo
  • B.A. Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science, Kyoto University


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