SPF Japan-U.S. Special Monograph Series

These special monographs for the Sasakawa Peace Foundation are written by distinguished scholars and experts who have been cooperating on various projects of our Japan-U.S. Program since 2008. This series of monographs aims to raise awareness of a wide range of academic and policy topics related to Japan-US relations, and to provide cutting-edge knowledge by the exparts.
*The views expressed in this series of monographs are solely those of the authors, and do not represent the views of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation.

"The Bay of Bengal: Political-Economic Transition and Strategic Implications"

by Prof. Kent E. Calder (2018)

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"The Authoritarian Challenge: China, Russia and the Threat to the Liberal International Order"

by Prof. Aaron L. Friedberg (2017)

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"Archipelagic Defense: The Japan-U.S. Alliance and Preserving Peace and Stability in the Western Pacific"

by Dr. Andrew F. Krepinevich, Jr. (2017)

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"Prospects for the China-Europe Relationship and Global Implication"

by Prof. Kent E. Calder (2016)

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"The United States, Japan and the Gulf Region"

by Prof. Kent E. Calder (2015)

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