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Science Journalists participated in training in Seoul and Fukuoka
[Support for Science Journalists in Asia]


From 8 June to 13 June, 2015, training sessions focused on data journalism were held in Seoul City, South Korea and Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Ten journalists from Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal and Sri Lanka participated as trainees to learn concepts of data journalism and practical techniques and methodology. The trainees were introduced to ways to analyze various types of data by experts from US and Japan. With assistance of the experts, they also learnt ways to visualize the data analysis by making hazard maps and tables of obesity and malnutrition comparisons.

アジア科学ジャーナリストHP用①.pngのサムネイル画像アジア科学ジャーナリストHP用②.pngのサムネイル画像The training sessions in Seoul were held at the same time of the World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ). The trainees actively participated not only the training of this project but also other sessions and events hosted by WCSJ. They were, therefore, able to deepen understanding of science journalism and network with journalists and science communicators from around the world.

アジア科学ジャーナリストHP用③.pngのサムネイル画像After the training in Seoul, the trainees went to Fukuoka Prefecture to participate in a study tour organized by Japanese Association of Science and Technology Journalists (JASTJ). The tour provided the participants opportunities to cover the prefecture's efforts for development and promotion of hydrogen energy use. For this purpose, they visited places such as Next-Generation Fuel Cell Research Center (NEXT-FC) and Hydrogen Energy Test and Research Center (HyTReC). They were also able to have better understanding of technologies and history of Japanese energy reform by visiting Miike coal mining sites and Miike port that were important sites for Japanese industries from Meiji to Showa eras.


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