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Delegation of civil servants from Myanmar arrives in Japan for training sessions
[Improving Organizational Management in Myanmar]


In this training session, 15 managers from the Myanmarese civil service that had previously participated in training sessions were selected to take part in further training from August 24-28, 2014. While in Japan, various opportunities were provided for the group to study organizational management theory and case studies in the field. (Cities visited: Tokyo, Saitama, Hiroshima, Osaka, Hyogo)

In Tokyo, the group visited the office of the Cabinet Secretariat, which was established in May 2014, and heard a lecture about the traditional personnel system and inter-ministry personnel system. They also visited the National Personnel Authority Training Center (Iruma, Saitama), where they heard about human resource development and the training system in the National Personnel Authority and toured the facility.

Following the training in Tokyo, visits were paid to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. Next visited were government office buildings in Hiroshima, where the group heard about the local civil service system of Japan, the employment process in Hiroshima City, and subsequent human resource development and training systems. Next, at the Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution, they heard an overview of crisis management training for civil servants, among other topics.

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