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Organizational management training held for mid-career civil servants in Myanmar
[Improving Organizational Management in Myanmar]


From July 1-4, 2014, a training session was held in Bagan (Central Myanmar) for mid-career civil servants. Twenty individuals selected from the Ministries of Energy, Labour, Finance and other central government ministries attended the event.

On the first day, the opening address was given by Mr. Kyaw Thu, Chairman, Union Civil Service Board. This was followed by a speech by the president of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Mr. Takagi, detailing the history, content and objectives of the SPF project in Myanmar.

In this training session for mid-career civil servants, several topics in organizational management were addressed, including 'responsibilities of mid-career civil servants', 'communication skills', theory of organizational management', 'leadership', and 'personnel development'. In addition, lectures were held on 'good governance', with a focus on civil service ethics in public sector management. The discussions were very lively and interesting, highlighting case studies from Japan and drawing parallels with Myanmar.

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