Middle East Maritime Security Study

Implementing Agency The Sasakawa Peace Foundation (Japan) Research Institute for Peace and Security, JIME CENTER-The Institute of Energy Economics Japan (Japan) Year Implementation year(2/3)
Project Type Self OperatedGrantCommissionedOther Year project budget implementation 21,970,225yen
Project Outline
The aim of this project is to hold research meetings, seminars, and international meetings, etc., involving security specialists and regional specialists, in order to deepen understanding in Japan about maritime security issues in the Persian Gulf and Somalian coastal waters as they relate to Japan.
Implementation Plan
  • Meeting of Experts in Persian Gulf Security (some work will be outsourced to the Research Institute for Peace and Security)
    • Research meetings (six times per fiscal year, held in Tokyo)
      The research meetings will promote analysis of previously-identified issues relating to security in the Persian Gulf. Participants from the previous year who will be invited include Masashi Nishihara (President, Research Institute for Peace and Security), Osamu Miyata (Associate Professor, University of Shizuoka), Takahiro Honda (Advisor, the Japan Steel Works, Ltd.).
    • International conference (held in Muscat, 30 persons)
      An international conference (invitation only) will be held for government officials and security specialists from Japan, the United States and the Gulf states, to hear research findings and hold discussions.
    • Presentation of research results
  • Research into Somalian issues and security in the Red Sea and Arabian Sea (some work will be outsourced to the JIME Center of the Institute of Energy Economics Japan)
    • Research meetings (2 times):
      Research meetings will address previously-identified topics and issues relating to maritime security, including topics concerning the Somalian coast, Red Sea and Arabian Sea.
    • Local surveys, information collection, networking
      Local information (including information in Arabic) will be collected and analyzed.
    • Workshop (1 time):
      A workshop open to the public will be held to promote understanding of maritime issues in the Middle East.
    • Publication of working paper
  • Research and activities relating to Middle East Maritime Security (by SPF )
    This work involves (1) a meeting of Persian Gulf specialists and (2) mutual exchanges relating to studies in Somalian security issues. Specialists will be sent from Japan to the Middle East to attend international conferences and research meetings and to continue gathering essential research information, in order to enhance knowledge about maritime research.