Human Resources Exchange between the Middle East and Japan

Implementing Agency The Sasakawa Peace Foundation Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU), Japan Middle East Student Conference (JMESC), Tokai University Year Implementation year(2/3)
Project Type Self OperatedGrantCommissionedOther Year project budget implementation 17,718,377yen
Project Outline
To expand the horizons of persons in the Middle Eastern Islamic region who know or have an affinity for Japan, this project aims to promote mutual understanding with Japan, by carrying out ongoing and strategic human resources exchanges with Iran, Turkey, and Gulf states , etc.
Implementation Plan
  • Invitation of mid-career group (14 persons):
    Specialists will be invited to Japan from influential think tanks recognized in the areas of Middle Eastern politics and diplomacy, in order to meet and interact with Japanese experts in various fields. Invitees will include specialists from the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research in Turkey (October, 2 persons), the Institute for Political and International Studies in Iran (December, 10 persons), and others.
  • Invitation of young group (30 persons):
    Forty young persons from the Middle East will be invited to Japan to interact with Japanese youth. Youth from Japan will also be sent to the Middle East to promote mutual understanding between Japan and the Middle East.
    • Invitation to Japan of students from the United Arab Emirates (November, 10 persons, for 10 days). Host: Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
      Ten persons (outstanding high school students with aptitude for science who show potential as future leaders, plus one supervisor) will be in invited from the UAE to Japan for a period of ten days. During their stay, the group will interact with students at universities and high schools, and attend seminars to deepen their understanding of Japan.
    • Invitation to Japan of students from the Middle East (November, 4 persons, for 8 days). Host: Japan Middle East Student Conference
      Japanese students will meet with university and graduate school students in the Middle East and select suitable candidates for invitation to Japan. Invitees will have the opportunity to visit universities and research institutes in Japan, in order to enhance mutual understanding between the Middle East and Japan.
    • Invitation to Japan for young persons from Iran (November, 10 persons, for 10 days). Host: Tokai University
      Ten graduate students from Iran's School of International Relations (affiliated with Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) will be invited for ten days to Japan, for courses at Tokai University on human security and other topics. They will also enhance their understanding of Japan by visiting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and research institutes, etc.
    • Sending youth from Japan to the Middle East (February 2012, 5 persons)
      Five young persons will be sent from Japan to a conference on "Creating the Economic and Social Infrastructure for the Next Generation in the Middle East," to be co-sponsored with Zayed University in the UAE. Mutual understanding between the Middle East and Japan will be enhanced through youth exchanges.