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The International Symposium "Women, Peace and Sustainable Development"
(9 May 2016, Teheran)


On May 9. 2016, in Teheran, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation organized the symposium entitled "Women, Peace and Sustainable Development" as one of our projects entitled "Building Relationships between Iran and International Society".

This Symposium aims to recognize that Iran and Japan have the shared goal to realize the impartible role of women in peace and sustainable development, making full use of power of women through, among others, sharing each other's experience and wisdom.

The international community, the Middle East region in particular, face increasing instability and unpredictability at present, induced mainly by protracted armed conflicts, rising extremism and the growing number of refugees. While the international community indicates growing expectations toward Iran to play pivotal role in promoting regional stability and global peace, this Symposium has been held in Tehran reflecting such expectations, in collaboration with the Sasakawa Peace Foundation in order to draw attention to the important role women would play in building lasting peace and sustainable development.

In this symposium, H.E. Mm Shahindokht Molaverdi, Vice President for Women and Family Affairs, The Islamic Republic of Iran, Mm Akie Abe, Chairperson of Foundation for Encouragement of Social Contribution (FESCO), and H.E. Mm Masoumeh Ebtekar, the Vice President and Head of the Department of Environment of the Islamic Republic of Iran delivered keynote speeches.

In the following panel sessions, researchers and experts specialized in women's issues and women's participation in society exchanged their opinions vigorously.

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  Session 1: Empowerment of Women: Issues and Challenges
  Session 2: Role of Women in Peace
  Session 3: Role of Women in Medical Disaster Relief

The summary of each session is to be announced.

In fiscal year 2016, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation will organize as a follow-up a second International Symposium on "Women, Peace and Sustainable Development" in Tokyo.

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