(April2022 ~ March2024)

ADM Tomohisa TAKEI

ADM Tomohisa TAKEI

Admiral (Ret.), and the 32nd Chief of Staff Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
Special advisor to the CEO, SAMPA KOGYO K.K.

1957 Being Born in Nagano. He joined the JMSDF after graduating from the National Defense Academy and holds a master’s degree from the University of Tsukuba. He is also a graduate of the U.S. Naval War College, class of 1999.

He retired from active duty in December 2016 after having served for two years as the 32nd Chief of Staff of the JMSDF. Prior to this post, he served as the Commandant, JMSDF Yokosuka District (2012-2014); Vice Chief of Staff, JMSDF (2011-2012); Commandant, JMSDF Ominato District (2010-2011); Director, the MSO Operations and Plans Department (N3/N5) (2008-2010); Chief of Staff, Kure District (2007-2008); Director, the C4I Systems Department (J6), Joint Staff Office (2006-2007), among others. He also serves an advisor to the Japan Forum of Strategic Studies, and a visiting fellow of the Japan Institute for International Affairs since October 2020.