(April2022 ~ March2024)

Masafumi ISHII

Masafumi ISHII

Former Ambassador of Japan to Indonesia (until 2020)
Special adjunct professor of the Faculty of Law,
Gakushuin University

1957 Being Born in Hiroshima. He graduated from Tokyo University and joined MOFA in 1980. His posts in Tokyo include Director for Policy Planning, Special Assistant to Foreign Minster, Director General for Global Issues and Legal Advisor.

His overseas experience covers Washington DC, where he served twice, London, Belgium and NATO as the Ambassador. His last post was in Jakarta that lasted for almost 4 years.

He has frequently participated in international seminars and symposium and is well known for his policy planning insight as well as his long-term experience in working with partners in ASEAN countries. He is presently teaching International Law at Gakushuin University as well as providing advice to some of Japanese private companies.