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Study Tour in Iran


The Sasakawa Middle East Islam Fund (SMEIF) organized a study tour in Iran mainly for the students in the graduate school. This is one of the projects under"Building Relationships between Iran and International Society". This study tour is an eleven-day program with the support from the School of International Relations, SIR, within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Program consists of five days in Tehran and four days in the Iranian religious and historic cities that include Qom, Esfahan, and Kashan. Seven Japanese students participated in this program. These students were chosen among those applicants who applied to this tour through the public advertisement by SMEIF.

The program dates were from February 23 to March 5.

While in Tehran, participants stayed in the guest house of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Iran.

In the morning, Japanese students took lectures offered by SIR professors in the fields of Political Economy,Nuclear Diplomacy,Environmental Policy and Scientific Progress of Iran. Japanese students had opportunities to discuss with SIR students on identity issues of Iran in the globalized world. In the afternoon, the students went to field trips and visited Holly Defense Museum, Exhibition Center of MOFA, Bazar,etc. They also visited Iranian Parliament and watched the public debate from the public gallery.

On March 1, the students went to Qom and participated in the lecture entitled "Introduction of Shia Islam" at the University of Religion and Denomination . After the lecture, they visited Fatemieh Mosque in Qom.

On March 2-4, the students enjoyed a tour in Esfahan and Kashan where they visited historic sites with Iranian architecture and Islamic city planning.

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