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The Sasakawa Middle East and Islam Fund Presents: A Seminar on“Political Situation of the Middle East: “Arab Spring” and After”

The Sasakawa Middle East and Islam Fund Presents: A Seminar on“Political Situation of the Middle East: “Arab Spring” and After”
We will be holding the seminar both in Tokyo and Osaka. Please note that this invitation is for the Tokyo seminar only.

At the invitation of the Sasakawa Middle East Islam Fund, Dr. Rory Miller, Professor of Georgetown University in Qatar and Dr. Simon Waldman, Lecturer of King's College will give lectures on Monday, 9 February, 2015.

Dr. Miller, an expert of politics and security in the Middle East and Dr. Waldman, an expert of the Middle East politics especially on Turkey have spoken widely on the current situation in the Middle East both inside and outside their own country.

The Arab Spring, a pro-democracy uprising, started from Tunisia in December 2010 swept through the neighboring countries such as Egypt and Libya. However, the following events in the Middle East went in a less straightforward direction. Military returned to power in Egypt, civil war has been ongoing in Syria for years and Iraq witnessed the emergence of Islamic State. It seems that political and social situations in the Middle East have still not stabilized.

In this lecture, the two lectures will address the prospect for the Middle East after the "Arab Spring" from different angles. We do hope that you will join us at this informative event.

Date: Monday, 9 February, 2015 17:00-18:50

Venue: Conference Room, 2nd floor, Nippon Foundation Building

1-2-2, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8523

Language: English/Japanese, with simultaneous interpretation

Admission and booking: Admission is free. Booking is required, and can be carried out on the SPF website.


16:30~17:00 Registration

《Lecturer1》 Dr. Rory Miller

Profressor, Government School of Foreign Service in Qatar,Georgetown University.

"The Recent Movement of "The Islamic State"

《Lecturer2》 Dr. Simon Waldman

Lecturer, Middle East and Mediterranean Studies,King's College, London.

"Turkish Foreign Policy and the Middle East under President Erdoğan"


《Panelists 1》 Prof. Eiji Nagasawa

Professor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo

《Panelists 2》 Prof. Hirotaka Watanabe

Professor, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Institute of International Relations

18:20~18:50 Questions and Answers


Please register by 8 February (Sun), through the website (//, E-mail, or Fax.

Please note that the venue has the limited number of seats. If many register, seats will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Also, please be informed that the personal information provided at the time of registration will be used to announce seminars and events organized or supported by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation.

The Sasakawa Middle East Islam Fund: Dr. Matsunaga, Mr. Yokoyama and Ms. Kurokawa
Phone: 03-6229-5459, FAX: 03-6229-5473