Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

AWIF conducts research and implements projects to support women entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia to overcome barriers, manage and grow their businesses and reach their full potential. AWIF programs and research are funded by part of the proceeds accrued from the Fund's investments and they are being initially implemented in Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand.

ICT for women entrepreneurs

AWIF employs a human-centered design (HCD) approach to understand the needs of women entrepreneurs and how ICT-based tools and platforms can deliver appropriate solutions. Together with local partners in each country, we plan to co-develop and deliver tools and resources that offer customized solutions to increase entrepreneurs' access to capital, resources, networks and markets.


Gender50 selects and showcases business owners who are working to improve the lives of women through entrepreneurship. These “Gender Impact Entrepreneurs” may be men or women and we hope by celebrating their achievements and helping them to scale, they can be positive role models to other entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia.


AWIF has commissioned a series of research studies to further understand the issues, trends and solutions for women entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia. Topics include understanding the gender dimension in Start Up Association Organizations (SAOs), Taxonomy and Landscape, Performance, Challenges and Solutions, and the state and challenges of using ICTs to support women entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia.

Start-up Assistance Organizations in Indonesia: Taxonomy and Landscape May 2018

Start-up Assistance Organizations in Indonesia: Performance, Challengesand Solutions June 2018

Growing Women's Entrepreneurship Through ICT in Southeast Asia May 2017

Recent Activities


Collective action has the power to accelerate the advancement of women’s economic empowerment and gender equality across Asia. We are actively seeking innovative solutions and models, knowledge sharing opportunities and partnerships with like-minded leaders.

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