Impact Matters


is the key element that sets us apart as an impact investor. 

Impact Measurement & Management

AWIF is set up with a clear intention to make positive social impact, especially on women and girls in Asia, through our investment.

AWIF started its journey of Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) by learning from other philanthropic investors on their IMM practices. Then we refined our Theory of Change (ToC) and has developed and tested IMM framework and tools. Having an IMM framework in place helps us stay focused on our intention, and it also increases effectiveness, accountability and transparency of our fund. Thus, IMM is an integral part of AWIF from sourcing to investing, to monitoring our investments. By highlighting that impact matters as well as IMM is essential to be an effective impact investor and avoid impact washing, we can collectively pursue impact and stay true to our contribution.  

Steps in developing and implementing a Gender lens investing framework


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Knowledge Sharing


Collective action has the power to accelerate the advancement of women’s economic empowerment and gender equality across Asia. We are actively seeking innovative solutions and models, knowledge sharing opportunities and partnerships with like-minded leaders.

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