Recommendation to the Fifth PALM Summit

Project contents
The PALM Summit, held every three years since its inaugural meeting in 1997 in Tokyo, provides an opportunity for government leaders from Japan and the Pacific Islands to meet and discuss issues pertinent to strengthening relations and promoting regional development. At the Fifth PALM Summit, held on May 22/23, 2009, in Tomamu, Hokkaido, discussions were held on the environment, climate change, sustainable development and education, on the basis of an understanding of the needs of the Pacific Islands as laid out in the Pacific Plan. At the summit, private Japanese foundations and various NGOs and intellectuals from the Pacific Islands aimed to reach a consensus on the various topics outlined above. Through widespread publication of the discussions held at the Pacific Island Summit, SPF will aim to raise awareness of the Pacific Islands in Japan, and contribute to future discussions at the summit. As part of this project, SPF held an international symposium in advance of the the Fifth PALM Summit on the theme of the environment, and organized a meeting for exchange students from the Pacific Islands. Through these two activities, SPF hopes to arouse interest in the Pacific Islands in Japan, contribute to construction of networks between exchange students from the Pacific Islands staying in Japan, and support such students in making concrete proposals for the future of their respective islands.

In this project, the following two activities were carried out.

  • International symposium on environmental issues (May 13 to 14, 2009 Tokyo)
    Media persons will be recruited in the Pacific Island Region, and three individuals will be chosen from the applicants. The Sasakawa Pacific Island Nations Fund Steering Committee Members and experts on journalism in the Pacific Island Region will be responsible for selecting the trainees; TransOceanic Media will be entrusted with business affairs including recruiting the trainees, supporting the selection process, selecting and implementing the training program, and disseminating the deliverables.
  • Island Students Assembly (20 to 23 May, 2009, Tokyo, and Tomamu, Hokkaido)
    On May 20, the 'Island Students Assembly' was held for around forty exchange students from the Pacific Islands. At the assembly, the students expounded their own particular experience regarding the state of the Pacific Islands and drafted proposals for improvements in education in the islands in years to come. The assembly also provided an opportunity for the students to strengthen their networks and discuss possibilities for future activities. Informal discussions were also held with the leaders of the Pacific Islands visiting Japan for the PALM Summit. Representatives of the exchange students were accredited to attend to the island summit on the 22nd and 23rd by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to submit the proposals they had adopted at the Islands Students Assembly.
This project was conducted with a grant from The Nippon Foundation for the support of island states.

Implementing Agency The Sasakawa Peace Foundation Year Implementation year(1/1)
Project Type Self OperatedGrantCommissionedOther Year project budget implementation 20,000,000yen