International Analysis by a Network of Leading Experts


Japan-US alliance, Security in Asia, Politics and diplomacy of Japan and the United States

Military History and Strategy, International Security Policy and Strategy, Japan-U.S. Alliance.

Indo-Pacific security; Australian foreign policy; Japanese foreign policy; Australia-Japan relations

Foreign & Security Policy of the Republic of Korea, International Relations in East Asia

International law, law of the sea, maritime security

European Security, New domains (space, cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum), Defense Technology Innovation

Foreign aid and security cooperation

Expertise: Russia’s foreign and security policy and Eurasian geopolitics

International Relations in South Asia

Ideology of International Relations, Theory of the International Order, Japanese Diplomatic History

Maritime Security, Chinese Military Strategy

Theory of international relations, security theory, U.S. diplomacy

Russian military and security policy

Security law (domestic and international), policy and strategy

Europe, NATO

International politics, African security

Trade, World Trade Organization, Foreign Direct Investment, Global Governance, Japan, Northeast Asia, Asia and the Pacific

Chinese Economy, Japan-China relations, East Asian Economic Integration

Contemporary Chinese Studies

Central Asian regional studies (Especially: International Relationships, Development, Water resource management)

Security (Strategic Tactics:Operational Art), Ocean Security, National Defense Studies, Leadership

International Relations, Security Studies, Strategic Studies, U.S.-Japan Security Relations

Japan, Northeast Asia, U.S.-Japan relations, Asia and the Pacific, U.S. Strategy in Asia

Asian international relations, conventional warfare, strategic nuclear issues, wargaming.

US-Japan alliance, Security in East Asia, and emerging technology policy coordination.

Mis/disinformation ecosystem, fact-checking, press freedom, 
 news literacy, media sociology. With strong regional focus on countries in the Asia-Pacific.

Peacebuilding, Development

International Politics (Strategic Analysis, Cyber Security), Public Policy(Policy Analysis)

strategic communications of the second Abe administration, Japan’s foreign and security policy, and Japan-Korea relations.

International Relations, Security, American Politics and Foreign Policy, Arms Control, Defense Industries