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interview with Park Won Soon

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YI: And are you optimistic that one day the two Koreas will be united?

Park Won Soon: Of course, but I think it's not easy and not so hopeful. Further unification will bring so many difficult issues. In Germany they also experienced also the burden of unification and many social issues, even after the unification, even though they have picked up a long time. But I think South Koreans and the South Korean government have not prepared for unification. So before unification, I think we should make many efforts to get more peaceful and prepared unification.

YI: What about the other poor countries in Asia? Do you have plans to help them out?

Park Won Soon: Actually, I am always shameful not to support our poor neighboring countries and people, even though Korea has been supported by outside countries. But nowadays, groups and organizations are starting to support and also my organization have agreed with Oxfam based in the United Kingdom to begin a joint campaign to make fund-raising for projects in Asia and African countries. We will probably begin this May.

YI: Which countries in Asia will the program be involved in?

Park Won Soon: Actually, Oxfam suggested some of their projects which are being carried out in India, Vietnam, Thailand and China. So we will select two of the projects.

YI: And what will be the contribution of the Beautiful Foundation?

Park Won Soon: We will make fund-raising at the beginning, and we will work at getting US$ 1 million through organizations. But for this year, we will jointly carry out the projects for ourselves with Oxfam in this country.

YI: So, is it now time for other projects in mind you want to begin?

Park Won Soon: There are many projects I can think of. From the beginning of our peaceful stores in 2002, I began the trade, but for five years, I think it was not successful, but since last year we began to change the coffee and tea. The main item is coffee is imported from Japan. And the saving is increasing, so my staff will make a good management, enough to increase the total sales. So that is my other project.

YI: One of your many projects.

Park Won Soon: Yes, I'm always dreaming, you know.

YI: Are you thinking of writing a book about your experiences?

Park Won Soon: From time to time. Whenever I'm travelling, I write. When I was invited as an Eisenhower Fellow in 1998, I wrote everything about my impression, the interviews I had, in one book. In 2000, I had the opportunity to travel to Japan, invited by the Japan Foundation, I also wrote one book. In 2004, I also a good chance to travel around Germany, so there was one book again. I'm trying to record every activities, because I want to share my experiences with our friends and contemporaries.

YI: That has been very interesting Mr. Park. On that note, thank you for being with us and good luck in all your projects.

Park Won Soon: Thank you very much. I will try my best.

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