People Exchange Program

Project contents
In previous years this project focused on inviting prominent officials from the governments of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam to Japan to enable them to build up interpersonal ties with Japanese counter- parts. This year the project was expanded to include businessmen among the visitors and to provide for exchange activities within the three target countries themselves. Visits to Japan in FY 1995 included delegations led, respectively, by Vietnam's vice-minister of foreign affairs, the chairman of Vietnam's Government Price Committee, the deputy head of the Institute of Law Research in Vietnam's Ministry of Justice, and a member of the Cambodian national assembly. The project also supported the dispatch of delegates from Cambodia, China, Laos, and Vietnam to attend an international conference held at Chulalongkohn University in Thailand and the dispatch of four Japanese journalists to conduct a work- shop in Cambodia.

Implementing Agency The Sasakawa Peace Foundation Year Implementation year(3/6)
Project Type Self OperatedGrantCommissionedOther Year project budget implementation 12,617,045yen