Strengthening Economic Survey Capacity in Lao PDR

Project Outline
In this project, SPF aims to improve the economic forecasting capabilities of Laotian economists by providing technological support for high quality economic forecasting (development of indices for short term forecasting, data collection, formulation of survey methodologies, etc.) and HR development (inspections/training in Japan and ASEAN countries).
Implementation Plan
In the second year of the three-year project, the following activities will be carried out.
  • Survey/research activities (Oct 2010-March 2011)
    The following surveys and research will be carried out under the supervision of experts from Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and elsewhere.
    • (1) Surveys of policy issues: Surveys will be carried out in line with a policy issue agenda set quarterly. Results will be compiled into a report to be incorporated into an economic report, published quarterly.
    • (2) Short-term economic index surveys: After developing indices of export and employment and setting the survey methodology (October to December), survey areas will be selected, survey staff will be trained, then the survey itself will be carried out. Data collected will be integrated and analyzed at NERI.
    • (3) Basic research: Basic research will be conducted into long-term economic survey techniques and development of forecasting models. The current project year will be spent primarily on studying relevant methodologies and frameworks.
  • Training and forums in Lao PDR (December)
    • (1) Training: Training in how to conduct the survey in the above 1, will be provided under the guidance of overseas experts for approximately one month.
    • (2) Open forum : In order to investigate the indices developed through this project, an open forum will be held for staff of relevant ministries and agencies.
  • Overseas study tours (Feb 2011, approximately 10 days, Japan)
    Around eight members of related ministries will be selected to visit the Japan Central Bank, government agencies, research laboratories and other sites to study economic policy making.
Program Content
A study visit to malaysia on macroeconomic monitoring and analysis was organized during July 9 to 16, 2011. The summary report can be found here.
Program Results

Implementing Agency National Economic Research Institute (NERI) (Laos) Year Implementation year(2/3)
Project Type Self OperatedGrantCommissionedOther Year project budget implementation 10,658,634yen