Enhancing Indo-Japan Relations: Visit to Japan by Indian Parliamentarians / Phase II

Project contents
With the eyes of the world are upon India as it continues to experience rapid economic development, several Japanese industries, notably the automobile industry, have expressed a desire to take the plunge into India, and Indo-Japan economic exchange is booming.  With Japanese political circles showing ever greater interest in India, further exchange is required between politicians from the two countries. This project will attempt to promote mutual understanding between Japan and India, by providing, as in Phase I of the project, a grant to the Confederation of Indian Industry to arrange a visit of young Indian parliamentarians to Japan. Through exchange between promising young Japanese and Indian parliamentarians in this project, the foundation aims to deepen understanding between the two countries.
Implementation Plan
In the second year of this three-year project, the following activities will be carried out.  

  • Selection of parliamentarians to visit Japan
    Suitable young Indian parliamentarians will be selected in light of geographical and other aspects. The candidates will be a) the next generation of national leaders, b) aged mainly between 25 and 49, and c) from a range of Indian political parties; selection will be outsourced to the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).
  • Visit of Indian parliamentarians to Japan
    The program will be conducted twice this year, in spring and autumn. The content of the program and sites to be visited in Japan will be decided after discussion with CII and on the basis of the participants' needs. Various exchange activities will be carried out between the visiting party and members of the Japanese intelligentsia in the public and private sector, mostly in the form of discussion with members of the Japanese Diet, with the aim of deepening understanding between the two countries.
  • Public relations and network maintenance in India
    The project will be introduced at the annual meeting of the Confederation of Indian Industry, as well as in the confederation's newsletter and homepage, as a means to disseminate information about the project throughout India. Furthermore, networks will be built and strengthened among the Indian parliamentarians, including those who visited Japan in Phase I of the project. As a means to build such networks, a reception and other events will be held for parliamentarians with experience of visiting Japan.
  • Announcement of project results
    The results of the visit of the Indian parliamentarians to Japan will be publicized throughout India by means of the PR wing of the Confederation of Indian Industry, allowing information to be shared not only between parliamentarians but also with others involved in the project.
Project Results
Young multiparty members of Indian parliament are invited to Japan every year to create opportunities for greater multilateral exchange and to promote mutual cooperation between Japan and India. Including the first phase of the project, a total of 32 Indian Members of Parliament (MPs) have visited Japan so far. This year, a four-member parliamentary delegation from India visited Japan. In Tokyo, the delegation met with members of the ruling and opposition parties, and for the first time visited the offices of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Japan-India Business Co-operation Committee's Standing Committee at the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Discussions were held on urban disaster preparedness, the environment, and issues associated with smaller Japanese businesses entering Indian markets.
 Delegation of Indian Members of Parliament  visiting Japan

Delegation of Indian Members of Parliament visiting Japan

Implementing Agency Confederation of Indian Industry (India) Year Implementation year(2/3)
Project Type Self OperatedGrantCommissionedOther Year project budget implementation 3,372,956yen