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Program Overview Conference held for participants in training sessions over the last three years
[Capacity Enhancement of Organizational Management in Myanmar]


is three-year project aims to contribute to the development of human resources, specifically those working in administrative bodies, in Myanmar. To achieve this aim, training sessions are held in the areas in which the knowledge and experience of Japan and other Asian countries can be shared with Myanmarese civil servants. From 2012 until now, director-general level civil service training sessions have been held (for a total of 45 participants), and mid-management-level civil service training session (for a total of 100 participants) have been held annually. This time, a selected group of 45 trainees was invited to visit Japan.

For a four-day-period beginning January 13, an overview training session was held for participants in the training sessions over the last three years, with the objective of reviewing and applying the content of the previous sessions and to promote networking among the participants.

In the general training session, the trainees were split into two groups: director-general level trainees and mid-manager-level trainees. Each group spent two days attending lectures on the following topics: 'leadership', 'human resources', 'organizational and communication skills', and other themes on the topic of organizational management. Next, the groups applied what they had learnt by demonstrating concrete examples of policy-making in practical exercises and group presentations. On the last day, a joint closing ceremony was held for the director-general level civil servants and mid-management-level civil servants, with closing remarks given by Mr. Than Tun, from Union Civil Service Board and the Executive Director of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Mr. Sugai. Certificates of completion of the training sessions were then presented to the participants. A reception was held after presentation of the certificates.





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Capacity Enhancement of Organizational Management in Myanmar