Islands and their Surrounding Ocean Areas

IO Net

Background and Objective

In order to actually promote the international joint policy proposals concerning "Conservation and Management of Islands," "Management of Surrounding Ocean Areas" and "Responses to Climate Change/Climate Variation," collaboration and cooperation between island countries and international society by project based activities are essential. Furthermore, the island countries must have participation and cooperation from various stakeholders such as universities/research institutions, NPOs, corporations and residents as well as governments. It is also expected that international and regional organizations, foreign governments, research institutions, private corporations, grant-making institutions and NGOs from international society as well as Japan will participate and cooperate to realize the implementation of the proposals, utilizing their respective capabilities and characteristics.

The "Islands and Oceans Net (IO Net)" is an international collaborative network for organizations and individuals (hereinafter referred to as the "Partners") who support the policy proposal "For The Better Conservation and Management of Islands and Their Surrounding Ocean Areas" and collaborate and cooperate on a voluntary basis to implement this policy.

The Ocean Policy Research Foundation (current Ocean Policy Research Institute) launched this network at a side event organized during the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States held in Samoa in September 2014, together with the relevant parties of ocean and islands in the world, such as the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resource & Security (ANCORS) and others.


IO Net collects and shares information required for achieving its objectives, and supports the development and implementation of projects to be undertaken by the Partners. The Partners of IO Net meet and discuss on specific themes of their interests and develop specific projects. After a project is developed, the project members will manage the projects autonomously.

The OPRI serves as the secretariat for IO Net.

From May 25 to 26, 2015, the 1st General Meeting of "IO Net" was held at Ito Hall in the University of Tokyo. Various organizations and individuals who agree to promote better conservation and management of islands and their surrounding ocean areas were invited for the first time. The participants shared information to implement the policy proposals and discussed the project development and implementation by the Partners. Please refer to the following blog for the details of the 1st General Meeting, and IOnet activities.

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