Information Dissemination about the Ocean

Ocean Newsletter Selected Papers

The Ocean Policy Research Institute aims to conduct cross-sectoral research in ocean related issues in order to initiate debate on marine topics and formulate both domestic and international policy proposals.
We publish a Japanese-language newsletter called the "Ocean Newsletter" twice a month (previously known as the "Ship & Ocean Newsletter"). The "Ocean Newsletter" seeks to provide people of diverse viewpoints and backgrounds with a forum for discussion and to contribute to the formulation of maritime policies conducive to coexistence between mankind and the ocean.
Our Foundation believes that the Newsletter can expand effective communication on these issues by introducing timely research abroad to an informed readership. It also welcomes to responses from readers, some of which appear in the Newsletter.
"Ocean Newsletter Selected Papers" contains English-language versions of papers from the Japanese Newsletter edition.
It is our sincere hope that these Selected Papers will provide useful insights on policy debate in Japan and help to foster global policy dialogue on various ocean issues.

No. 22