Discussing Collaboration on Maritime Challenges in East Asia - OPRI-SPF co-hosts “2020 Sino-Japanese Maritime Dialogue” as virtual event

The Ocean Policy Research Institute of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation (OPRI-SPF) co-hosted the “2020 Sino-Japanese Maritime Dialogue” with the China Institute for Maritime Affairs (CIMA) as virtual event, on October, 29-30, 2020. More than 20 researchers of both institutes participated in the Dialogue.
To begin the Dialogue, representatives from organizations including OPRI-SPF and CIMA expressed their expectations for the meeting. Following the opening remarks, the participants discussed maritime issues in Japan and China including the current ocean policy, blue economy, integrated coastal management, arctic governance, exploitation of deep-sea, establishment of marine protected areas and maritime cooperation in APEC.
In addition, based on the outcome of the dialogue, OPRI-SPF and CIMA have agreed to initiate a joint research project. The results of the project will be compiled into a book by English with the aim of publishing it in the summer of 2021.

Dr. A. Sunami and
(left) Dr. Atsushi Sunami, President of Sasakawa Peace Foundation and (right) Dr. Haiwen Zhang, President of China Institute for Marine Affairs