Amidst ASEAN integration and economic growth, Asian nations are exposed to population ageing and rapid changes in their socio-economic structures. Japan, which has experienced these challenges earlier than its neighbors, can make good use of its experiences and lessons learned to assist other countries. Focusing on social issues in the Asian region, this Department takes on the issues of population ageing, gender, and migration as its central themes, aiming to attain a comprehensive grasp of demographic and social structural changes as well as associated challenges, so as to present alternative solutions in a practical manner.

Projects List
of FY2018

Project Name Implementing Agency Year Budget
Creating New Roles for Men in Japan and Asia The Sasakawa Peace Foundation first year of three-year project 13,000,000yen
Asia Impact Dialogue The Sasakawa Peace Foundation first year of three-year project 13,700,000yen
Issues and Implications of Ageing Asian Population The Sasakawa Peace Foundation third year of three-year project 11,000,000yen
Support for the establishment of KOSEN (College of Industrial Technology) Education System in Mongolia The Sasakawa Peace Foundation second year of two-year project 21,500,000yen