Ocean Policy

Study Group on Basic Act on Ocean Policy

Following cabinet approval of the New Basic Plan on Ocean Policy in April 2013, and focusing on the measures accorded high priority within it, the Study Group on Strategy for the Basic Act on Ocean Policy engages in activities aimed at ensuring reliable implementation of the measures adopted.

Although new measures relating to the oceans are gradually gaining impetus within Japan, it is necessary that fresh thinking is utilized to introduce deeper, more fundamental initiatives, bringing hitherto vertically segmented activities together so that Japan, as a new maritime nation, can peacefully and proactively develop and harness the oceans in the spirit of international cooperation whilst also striking a balance with protection of the marine environment.

This study group continues its work of facilitating reliable implementation of the New Basic Plan on Ocean Policy and initiatives toward building a new maritime nation. The group pays close attention to the investigations of the project team tasked with advancing implementation of key measures specified in senior advisor meetings at the Headquarters for Ocean Policy. In addition, it lobbies for reliable implementation of these key measures and engages in steady promotion of the New Basic Plan.

The study group is an important driving force for Japanese ocean policy, since it brings together a cross-party group of Diet members, ocean experts from various fields, and stakeholders from relevant ministries and agencies, etc., and allows them to engage in discussion aimed at achieving specific steps towards implementation of the basic plan, thereby enabling the country to carry out ocean policy in a comprehensive and systematic manner.