Information Dissemination about the Ocean

Selections: White Paper on the Oceans and Ocean Policy in Japan 2018


World Efforts on the Oceans

  1. 1.The First United Nations Ocean Conference
  2. 2.Regional Developments

Comprehensive Management of the Oceans and Summary of the First 10 Years of the Basic Act on Ocean Policy

  1. 1.The Basic Act on Ocean Policy: 10 Years After Enactment
  2. 2.Revision of the Basic Plan on Ocean Policy

Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Marine Environment

Human Resource Development in the Ocean Field

Reference Materials

  1. 1.The Third Basic Plan on Ocean Policy
  2. 2.Our ocean, our future : call for action
  3. 3.Policy Elements to be Considered on the Development of the Third Revised Basic Plan on Ocean Policy
  4. 4.Proposals on the Ocean Acidification issues toward the next Japan’s Basic Plan on Ocean Policy

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