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[Event] UN Ocean Conference and its Side Events


In connection with the 2022 UN Ocean Conference, to be held from 27 June to 1 July at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, there are many side events organized by Member States, Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs), UN entities and all other accredited stakeholders.

Side events produced by Ocean Policy Research Institute, Sasakawa Peace Foundation (OPRI-SPF) are being held inside and outside of the Conference venue.

* Time zone: WEST (UTC+1)

◆Empowering Women for the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development
Monday, June 27, 2022, 13:00 - 15:00
Organizers: : World Maritime University; Department of Legal Affairs of the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Portugal; Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden; Fisheries and Oceans, Canada; Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, Japan; Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute, the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association, Kenya; Ocean Policy Research Institute, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Japan; Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO; High Seas Alliance
Location: Auditorium III at the FIL Lisbon Exhibition and Congress Centre, Lisbon

The role of women in ocean science is an important issue that has been historically overlooked and understudied in ocean affairs. This knowledge gap extends to the efforts needed to promote women’s empowerment. The Side Event will present for the first time compelling research results on increasing women’s representation, participation and equality status of women scientists in ocean.

◆Blue economy for the Pacific island countries – Leadership, capacity development and blue economy index
Monday, June 27, 2022, 14:30 - 15:45
Organizers: Government of Palau, PICRC, OPRI-SPF, SPC, FFA
Collaborator: OPRI-SPF
Location: Side Event Room 1, Lisbon

Promoting a blue economy is an increasingly important policy goal to pursue sustainable development. Island countries are surrounded by the ocean and endowed with diverse and unique marine and coastal ecosystems. However, the national market is limited and major overseas markets are far remote. The marketing and export of perishable seafood requires efficient supply chains, freezing facilities and reliable flight and maritime transport systems. At this side event, leaders will present their perspectives for promoting blue economies in the Pacific island countries, forging capacity and presenting a blue economy index framework.

◆High Level Policy Dialogues on Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture for blue economies in Africa - Regional cooperation and international partnership

Thursday, June 30, 2022, 17:30 – 18:45
Organizers: The Republic of South Africa, Mbeki Foundation, AUDA - NEPAD, OPRI-SPF
Location: Committee Room, Altice Arena, Lisbon
Africa surrounded by vast oceans have a great potential of benefiting from sustainable blue economies. To leap from such potentials, a number of enabling policies and conditions such as ocean management policies and plans, sustainable resource management guidelines, and so on, need to be secured and to enhance market values of fishery commodities without undermining marine resource sustainability. The proposed side event highlights the achievements and challenges in pursuing sustainable fisheries and aquaculture in the context of sustainable blue economies in African and articulate priority for regional cooperation and international partnership.

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