2/9 Community-based Activities and Governance for Seascape Restoration

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Community-based Activities and Governance for Seascape Restoration

Overview  The decade from 2021 to 2030 has been positioned as the "United Nations Decade for Ecosystem Restoration" which calls for the active participation of multi-stakeholders in conservation and restoration of various ecosystems around the world. In this symposium, we will focus on the costal ecosystems, namely "Satoumi", which has been nurtured by a long-term relationship between humans and ocean. We invite speakers from various restoration sites in Japan and overseas, and learn about the examples of restoration of vulnerable coastal ecosystems. Furthermore, we will discuss how to scale up the restoration of Satoumi in the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration.
Ocean Policy Research Institute (OPRI)
United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS)  
Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan (MOE-J)
Date and time
9 February 2022  15:00-17:50 (JST)
Venue Online (Youtube live streaming)
Program (Provisional) 15:00 (JST)
Opening and IntroductionAtsushi Sunami (President, Sasakawa Peace Foundation)
Shinobu Yamaguchi (Director, UNUIAS)

15:10 (JST)
Session 1: Ecosystem Restoration, Coastal Ecosystem and Satoumi - The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (Makiko Yashiro, UNEP)
 - Coastal Ecosystem from Climate Change and Biodiversity Perspective (Miko Maekawa, OPRI)
 - Restoration and Conservation of Coastal Seascapes, Satoumi (Evonne Yiu, UNU IAS)

15:40-16:20 (JST)
Session 2: Good Practices on Satoumi RestorationModerator: Tomonari Akamatsu, OPRI
 - Coral Reef Restoration in Onna Village, Okinawa (Masami Yamashiro, Onna Village Fisheries Cooperative/ Megumi Kanai , Okinawa Environment Science Center , Japan)
 - Ecosystem management and preserving work by a fisherman’s community In Orbetello : a fine line (GuidoGualandi, Associazione Grani Antichi Montespertoli , Italy)
 - Satoumi Restoration in Shizugawa Bay (Takuzo Abe, Minamisanriku Nature Center Japan)
 - Collaborative mangrove conservation: A key to coastal resilience of Alitas community in Quezon Province (Dixon Gevana, University of the Philippines Los Baños , Philippines)
Q and A
16:35 (JST)
16:45 (JST)
Session 3: Community Based Restoration and Policy InstrumentsModerator: Tsunao Watanabe (UNU-IAS, IPSI)
 - Makoto Kobayashi ( Environment Planning Division, MOEJ)
 - Toshimasa kawaasaki (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
 - Morio Kaneko (Ecosystem Conservation Division, Fishery Agency)
 - Masami Yamashiro (President, Onna Village Fisheries Cooperative)
 - Takuzo Abe (Research Fellow, Minamisanriku Nature Center)

17:45-17:50 (JST)
Closing RemarksNaohisa Okuda (Director General, Nature Conservation Bureau MOEJ)

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Languages English/Japanese
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Ocean Policy Research Institute
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