Research Projects

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation has conducted the following five research project since 2009.

Worldviews on the United States, Alliances, and International Order

This project aims to sketch world's views on the alliance with the U.S. and its roles in shaping regional and global order, through a series of dialogues with experts on international relations and foreign policy from those American allied or partnered countries. The project outcome will be shared by publishing a series of working papers on the website as well as by an edited volume from a prestigious publisher.

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Asia Strategy Initiative

The Asia Strategy Initiative (ASI) aims to bring together mid-career experts to put forward a set of detailed issue-specific policy proposals on topics related to the U.S.-Japan alliance. After an initial pilot meeting held in January 2017, the group plans to meet twice each year (once in Tokyo, once in Washington DC) and will issue a memorandum after each meeting. The project will rely on recognized mid-career experts to delve deeply into policy options for Japan, the United States, and key partners, resulting in specific and actionable recommendations.

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SPF Japan-U.S. special monograph series

These special monographs for the Sasakawa Peace Foundation are written by distinguished scholars and experts who have been cooperating on various projects of our Japan-U.S. Program since 2008. This series of monographs aims to raise awareness of a wide range of academic and policy topics related to Japan-US relations, and to provide cutting-edge knowledge by the exparts.
*The views expressed in this series of monographs are solely those of the authors, and do not represent the views of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation.

"Japan-U.S. Economic Forum" (April 1, 2013~)

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation began hosting a series of U.S.-Japan Economic Forums as a means to promote strategic discussion, at the private sector level, of issues in U.S.-Japan economic policy. Following the first forum in Washington in June 2014, a second forum was held on the 18th and 19th of December.

"Research Project on Future Japan-U.S. Security Cooperation" (April 1, 2012~)

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) established the U.S. - Japan Commission on the Future of the Alliance - a bilateral commission consisting of distinguished policy-makers and scholars. Richard Armitage (former Deputy Secretary of State), John Hamre (President and CEO of CSIS), and Ryozo Kato (former Ambassador to the United States)- co-chair the commission and work on to make recommendations for the U.S.-Japan Alliance until 2030 as well as achieved vision in Asia. As of June 2015, the Commission has met four times, discussing issues that include a forward-looking vision of current U.S. and Japanese security policies, security strategy and economic trends in relation to China, developments in the Korean Peninsula, energy cooperation, the Trans-Pacific-Partnership (TPP), etc. The result of these discussions have been collated in the form of an Interim Report (with annexes) issued at a press conference in July 2014. The Commission’s Final Report is scheduled for release towards the end of 2015.

"Japan's Strategic Horizon and the US-Japan Relations"(October 2009~October 2011)

In this project, up and coming young Japanese researchers forecast the international situation over the next twenty years and analyzed U.S. Asia policy together with American experts. The young researchers and U.S. experts carried out collaborative research with a view to crafting proposals for guidelines on Japanese national security policy. The project examined Japan's foreign relations, examining a geographical area not confined to the Asia-Pacific region but the entire region between the West Pacific and Indian Ocean - a new 'Strategic Horizon'. For details of the project, see the project
Project homepage:

"Assessment; Japan-U.S. Response to Fukushima Crisis" (July 2011~)

This project aims to review and analyze the Japan-U.S. cooperation and coordination after Fukushima nuclear accident caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011. It will report on the lessons learned to prepare from the experience between the two countries for the future nuclear crisis.

Project FINAL REPORT is now available.

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